The fine facts of owning a great domain

Across the globe where there is a running internet connection everyone knows that owning a great domain is not an easy task, nonetheless the market is already very competitive and many website owners can find amazing offers when registering a domain with LCN, this will definitely increase the odds of success of your business profile.

The power of making a smart move

The price of a .com domain name can begin with 1.99 USD for the first year the second year can cost you around 20.00 USD. A fine tip to keep in mind here is that if you pay just a few dollars in the beginning, the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th year of renewal your costs can go higher. Remember if sometimes prices are too good to be true then you need to be very careful because the support they offer can be poor and it can also be very harmful for your business.

Purchasing a domain name using a special promotion is a great idea, but always be sure not fall in the jaws of fraud because small prices always barely hidden costs and the company that is selling them can sometimes forget to mention the drawbacks.

When purchasing a domain you definitely need to take into consideration all types of costs as well as future investments. This requires a lot of patience and even more research because some providers are not that transparent as to how their transfers go down:

Great tips

Here are some facts that you definitely need to evaluate before purchasing:

  • The value of the discount for the first year as well as for the second year.
  • The overall costs of keeping your domain with the same company.
  • How much does transferring your domain to another company actually cost?
  • Be sure to check the advantages of registering your domains on the long term.
  • Are there any rewards if you become a veteran client for longer registration terms?
  • Are there any kinds of fees for transferring your domain to another company?

Some clients often make the same mistake which is that novices only evaluate the initial cost of the services for the first year and forget to check all the fine prints of the deal and if you are not careful this lack of attention will prove to be very costly on the long run.

Always check all types of special offers as well as the discounts that come along with them this will sometimes save you money, but be sure to pay a lot of attention and analyze all the costs of the domain over a longer period of time.

You will also need to avoid the smooth traps of costly domain transfers to another company.

Ending ideas

All you have to do is just pay a little more than usual and if, by any chance, you are registering more than one domain go ahead do the math on your saving because in the future these mistakes are going to cost you, a lot.