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This is my second template that I'm sharing with everybody, I have originally made it for my project Home Of Projects and it is free for any use, you can even remove the "Template by Home Of Projects" at the end of the page, I would really apreciate if you will visit us on the website and give us a vote in the Open Talent contest or simply join our community, we are in development progress you can read about it below.

What is Home Of Projects? Simple!

IDEAS - Did you ever had a great idea but you were afraid it won't work? So you didn't even try it? Big and successfull projects start from small and simple ideas. Here people can talk about ideas and together put into practice!

NOT SURE WICH WAY? - Are you good at something? Got skills but don't know what to do with them? Here you can find a project you can join. Go ahead and search!

ALREADY DECIDED? - You know what your goal is but can't do it alone? You can find here members with skills that are willing to help, or they will find you! Just post your idea and needs!

Why post your project/idea here?

  • Find out what people think about your idea
  • Test it before starting it
  • Meet people who can help you or with whom to start the project
  • You can find projects similar to yours

Why be a member?

  • Find a project you are interested in
  • Help projects start and evoluate
  • A project can become a hobby or a place to work
  • Share activities and interests with the community
  • You can become part of something
  • It's free!
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