Essential tips for Blackjack

When we learn a new card game, no matters what game it is, we always learn just the rules, nothing else. It seems obvious, but it is not enough if we want to succeed.

The reason is that there are unwritten rules which radically change our way of playing and our results.

One wise sentence says, “practice makes you perfect”. We would like to add to this that smartness comes with experience.

The more you play, the better you become. This is rule number one if you want to make any progress, you must play, and you must lose.

Below we are going to list a sequence of useful tips you can use, despite your knowledge or your experience in playing blackjack – click to play UK casino.

Our tips

One of the most important tips we want to give you is valid for all the casino’s games and it is to set the limit by yourself. It doesn’t matter how much money you have with you, always set the roof of your losses. We can ensure you, either you are an expert or a newbie, this “rule” is always valid.
Essential tips for Blackjack

Do not let the myths rule your actions

Unfortunately, in this field, there are false myths and sayings which affect people’s decisions. Be smarter than that, and stick with real rules. Some people even took off glasses and rings to bring luck to them. These actions have no consequences if not they make you seem a fool.

Always check the dealer’s cards

Pay attention to the details. This is a game based also on strategy and concentration. Depending on the dealers’ cards, you will make a move or another, then learn your pattern. This will give you an advantage.

Stand when it is the right moment

Another unwritten rule says, “stand “when the right moment comes. If you managed to get between 12 and 16, and the dealer has a 2 or a 6, then stand. Based on a mathematical calculation, those combinations are the most favourable for you, then do not be greedy and lets the math being part of your strategy.

Split the cards

Although this is not always true, there are specific couples which give you a double advantage. This is the case of 2, 8, and 2 aces.

In blackjack, there is the rule which allows you to split the cards and double your stake.

The dealer then will treat you as you were two players instead of one. Furthermore, those are the cards with the highest chance of success.

Hit when you can

As we already mentioned before, paying attention to the details, especially when it comes to checking the dealer’s cards, is crucial. When you have a score between 12 and 16, and the dealer has a 7 or ace, then hit. Again, the math is with you, those are the kind of combinations which grant you the highest chances of winning.

Slowly start

Last but not least, always start playing betting small stakes. Starting slowly will give you the possibility to understand the trend, your level of concentration and much more. Understand other people’s behaviour will give you an advantage. Then do not commence with the foot on the gas, do not be reckless.