Awesome Tips To Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd

With websites springing up all over the internet, people’s tastes for bigger, better and more attractive information have never been more insatiable. While in the past a simple website detailing what, why, who and where would have sufficed to keep customers coming back for more, there is an increased need for more colour, more data, more infographics and more animation. I blame our over-stimulated brains. Who sits still and does nothing by choice these days?
Awesome Tips To Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd
How does this need for stimulation translate into a vision for what your website should look like?

To create a successful website that is irresistible to customers, in addition to creating content that is valuable, you need to create content that is visually appealing and organised enough to be scanned through by customers. You need to make it easy for them to find synergy

Generally, 5 seconds is all you have to leave a good impression, and pass across your information. SEO is also affected by the host you choose these days. You need to give people a chance to get in and then keep them.

Upgrade your Design

Give your website a new look with these web design trends to try in 2017. Infuse life with a fresh new look. There are so many options to choose from. Incorporate new navigation designs, a more tactile design or cool but readable lettering which are pleasing to the eyes.

Speak to Your Niche

Ever went on a website expecting to find food recipes but found fashion tips instead? I imagine you wouldn’t be going there the next time you want a tantalising recipe to tickle the taste buds of your guests.

Your website should be focused. Keywords should revolve around the message you are passing across. However, don’t overuse keywords as it would end up looking like suspicious spam to search engines.

Colour, Colour, Colour

When in doubt, make a splash. Colour attracts. You know this. I know this. However, do not get overly excited and splash a riot of colours on your website. You want to attract visitors or potential clients, not send them away in colourful disgust.

Strategize your Domain Name

The importance of the domain name you choose for your site cannot be emphasized enough. It should be SEO-friendly, and not too long either. Consider it as the first port of call for visitors to your website. You want it to be obvious, easy to read and easy to remember. If you are just starting out with trying to get a new website up and running, pick a domain name which contains a keyword that can sum up what your brand is about. Your next step is to choose a hosting company for your web hosting needs like to get up-to-date and secure hosting options.

Social Media Fusion

Include links to social media as part of your call to action after you have written your piece. Social media is here to stay. It would be a wasted opportunity to have people come on your site and read your super interesting posts, only to leave without doing anything about it. Make it the natural next step for them to immediately share your posts on whatever social media they prefer. So, include the whole lot.

What about your personality?

Your potential customers cannot see you and very few of them would ever get to meet you in person. How then do you make their experience on your website personalized for them? An easy way to do this is to add your personal information at the bottom of your homepage. You can even go as far as including some FAQs which you believe they would find interesting.

Organize your Website

From your heading at the top of the website to the comments section at the bottom, there must be undeniable flow. Texts and images should be well located for maximum engagement of visitors who come across your page. Consider your website like an office of an individual with more than a mild case of OCD. The bookshelves are neatly stocked with the books properly arranged in order of size and alphabet. That is the kind of organization each page on your website should feature. That would bring repeat visitors to your website.

Hopefully, these tips on website design serve as a guide for your website and will help you to get it ranking high in the search engines for your money terms.