5 Things Web Developers Must Do to Attract High-Paying Clients

There is increasing competition in the web development industry due to expanding access to development tools and training, market globalization, and a growing interest among younger generations in acquiring web development skills. As competition increases, the demand side of the web development sector is gaining economic leverage, forcing many low-end developers out of business. In order to stay in business and attract new clients, many developers are seeking higher-paying development projects. You can earn more money while taking on fewer clients by obtaining such high-paying web development contracts. In order take your web development business to the next level and attract higher paying clients, make sure you’re implementing these 5 essential development-marketing practices.
to Attract High-Paying Clients
1. Make a Solid First Impression

Everything a potential client sees when reviewing your company should be the result of a deliberate effort to impress upon them a great image for your business. This starts with your marketing efforts, and includes every step of purchasing your services, down to your communication and check-out process.

Use plain, jargon free marketing campaigns that make your services understandable to the lay person who may be in charge of hiring your development team. Advertise on quality venues like search engines and social networks. Make sure your website is easy to use and fast loading. A great web hosting package and lightweight theme will go far in achieving this.

The most important factor in making a first impression, however is to have a great portfolio. Make sure you have high-end projects in your portfolio, like the ones you are trying to obtain. This may involve doing some unpaid sample work, or building development platforms for later use that clients can demo. Try to have at least a dozen impressive development projects in your public portfolio.

2. Networking for Higher Paying Clients

Setting up a great portfolio with fast web hosting and a solid theme will impress potential clients who make it to your website. You need a plan however, to get clients there in the first place. This is where networking comes into play.

Online marketing is a powerful tool for finding clients, but some of the highest-paying clients would rather trust a personal connection they’ve made than simply order a huge project after clicking a few random advertising links on the web. Try to meet potential clients in person so they can put a face to your company’s name. You can find networking opportunities at local business conferences, lectures, and other meetings in your community or field. Have a business card or pamphlet ready to disperse to potential high-paying clients.

3. Pricing

One of the biggest mistakes new development companies make is to under-value their own work. Your time is valuable, and if your skills are up to par, then you should be charging industry standard pricing to all new clients. Higher-end projects such as those requiring advanced coding and applications take more of your time and skill set, and should be charged for accordingly.

Don’t underprice your work in an attempt to garner more clients, as higher-paying clients aren’t deterred by solid, fair pricing anyways. Give potential customers the impression that your work is worth it by setting a higher price and following through with quality work. Budget pricing may make higher-paying prospective clients skeptical of your quality of work, negating the purpose of such pricing strategies.

4. Specialization

Web development, like many other fields, usually demands more compensation for specialized projects. Consider limiting your work to specialized, niche development such as projects for medical providers, aspiring social networks, or legal firms. This will help in attracting these higher-paying clients as well, since they will be able to see similar businesses in your development portfolio.

To choose the best category to specialize in, look at the highest paying clients in your local area. If your community is known for a specific manufacturing sector, a plethora of attorneys or accountants, or another specialized industry then try marketing your development business to them directly.

5. Results Matter

After successfully completing a few higher-end web development contracts, you’ll be fielding calls from word of mouth advertising. This is why it’s important to make sure your current clients are satisfied enough to give you a good review when friends or co-workers mention needing a developer.

Make sure you’re not leaving any client with unresolved issues, such as bugs or invalid coding that they may discover after payment. Shortcuts and poor post-project communication can prevent higher-paying clients from ever contacting you regarding new projects. Inversely, leaving each customer with a great impression of your company through quality work and thorough communication can help new, higher-end projects find you.

By strategically marketing yourself as a high-end web developer you can attract new, higher-paying clients that you may never have thought attainable. There is most often room for improvement in business development methodologies and marketing practices, and the field of development is no different. Optimize your portfolio and resources to give potential clients a good first impression, and follow through with result-driven solutions to keep your current clients satisfied. Implement a word-of-mouth marketing plan by encouraging current clients to share your work and information, and you’ll be charging for more you development projects in no time.