5 Free Marketing Tools for Identifying and Targeting Your Customers

Marketers are always trying their best to reach a maximum number of clients and to expand their area of exposure. Most small to large scale businesses still emphasize ­­­their marketing campaigns by word of mouth alone. They believe that this solution is quick and will bring great fortune to the business.

tools for targeting your customer

The fact is that they are neglecting the bigger and potential marketing approach that leads them to identify their target audiences and to stay in touch with them. These days, it is crucial for the businesses to deliver what intends to be in demand and therefore the market research tools prove helpful to have insights of your potential customers.

Who Are Your Targeted Customers?

Before conducting a marketing campaign, marketers analyze their audiences they are going to approach. It is significant to have a profound understanding of your potential customers. Online marketing tools are important to drive business growth and profits. You need to carry out research to identify the influencers of your targeted niche first.

Digital marketing is an ideal approach to reach people of similar interests or people that are searching for similar products as yours. The bigger challenge for the marketers is to find the right audience for their products or services.

Fortunately, there are many free tools available, which will assist you to have valuable insights of your potential clients.

Google Keyword Planner

To create highly productive campaigns, a majority of marketing community widely utilizes Google keyword planner. It’s a free tool that allows you to find potential keywords against your niche. You need to enter words or phrases related to your business and Google keyword planner will come up with keyword suggestions.

On the basis of these suggestions, you can run ad campaigns and analyze the difference in lead generations. The tool offers structured data to streamline the advertising process.

The data from keyword planner can also be used to explore trends for product searches and how the interests among individuals change from month to month.

Google Search Console

To monitor the performance of your website Google search console is considered a highly effective tool. It requires you to verify your domain first to authenticate the ownership of your website. Make sure to verify all versions of your website.

Google Search Console offers a variety of ways to view the data. It informs you about clicks, impressions, CTR, and position. You can further separate the data through filters.

  • The clicks inform you about the number of clicks against search queries. The impressions refer to your website’s presence in search results.
  • The insights about actual search queries help you understand and implement the keywords that work best for your website.
  • The CTR (click through rate) refers as the percentage of clicks on a specific link.
  • The position tells you where your website stands against organic searches.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a powerful website monitoring tool powered by Google. It is the most widely used tool that offers insights of visitors trafficking your site. You need to set up your website for Google Analytics to gain insights about your target audiences. It provides you with information about the demographics and interests of individuals. By collecting that data, you will be able to understand how they interact with your website. By utilizing all the data available through Google analytics tool, the marketers can understand their audiences and shape their marketing strategy. Google analytics tell you about the following elements.

  • Returning visitors and those who have visited your site once.
  • The dimensions and metrics like visitor’s session duration and screen views etc.
  • How many visitors spent time on viewing a single page of your website?
  • The engagement of a user with your website.

By knowing the data about how people arrive at your site, you can better understand which products and services they are most inclined. Through these insights, you can devise smart marketing tactics to place the relevant content on your website.

Facebook Custom Audience

The Facebook custom audience helps you develop relationships with your existing customers. You need to provide your customers with data like email addresses to get started. Your given information will remain secure and will not be exposed to anyone.

The Facebook will then match your customer’s data against the Facebook profiles and then you can target those customers through Facebook ads.

You have the leverage to target your potential customers on the basis of location, age group, language or interests. This marketing strategy is highly effective as it provides you the flexibility of targeting limited customers that are having great chances of making conversions. Rather than investing in advertising campaigns for all of your customers, this feature allows you to have focused on niche-based customers.

With Facebook custom audience you can set parameters to target customers on the basis of timeframe as well as users who have visited your site in the previous three months or users who visited this week etc.

Twitter Audience Insights

Whether you are a startup or you are running a large enterprise, you need to promote your products or services for maximum exposure. Twitter provides you with an amazing facility of understanding your target audiences.

Twitter audience insights let you achieve your business goals by presenting your powerful message.To better understand your audience it provides you insights of audiences influenced by your tweets. Through its user-friendly dashboard, you can gather valuable information like demographics and purchasing behaviors etc.

You can learn about your potential customers and can initiate ad campaigns on the basis of the information provided by this tool. Your ad campaigns could be in the form of graphic content, illustrations, animations or regular video ads, based on the preferences of your target audiences. You can also hit them with quality content on top grossing topics.


There are many tools paid and free out there that will help you know the shopping behaviors of your potential customers. However, it is ideal for marketers to have a keen eye on changing trends and modify their marketing strategies accordingly. Now marketers emphasize more on spending on digital marketing campaigns so with sophisticated research and dedication, these tools will assist you to pull out meaningful results.

Asad Ali is a digital marketing expert having more than 8 years of experience. Currently he is working at GO-Gulf – a Dubai based web development company, where he has worked on numerous SEO projects & successfully run digital marketing campaigns. You can find him on the LinkedIn.